A pastry management web platform developed with Angular 2, Bootstrap, Node JS, Docker and Neo4j.
Keywords : Angular 2, Bootstrap, Node JS, Docker, Neo4j, TypeScript


A running application allowing user to run connected with distant runners.
Keywords : GPS, Android, Running


BubbleDozer is a mobile game developed for iOS and Android with Unity 3D.
Keywords : Unity 3D, C#, iOS, Android, Objective-C, Java

(579) 842-7137 650-393-0669

Rugby game Artificial Intelligence
Keywords : Artificial Intelligence, Rugby, C#, Unity3D

Trans-iraq bud brush

Freeskiing and snowboarding game developed for PC and Mac with Unity 3D
Keywords : C#, Unity3D, Physics, Project Management

(516) 698-9288 (620) 983-8640

A Super Smash Bros like developed with Unity 3D
Keywords : Modeling, Texture, Rig, Animation, Physics, C#, Unity3D

(262) 899-9064

3210 Android

An android version of Gimme Friction Babe
Keywords : Android, Java, Physics

(402) 650-4768

YouRiding Surf / Bodyboard

Surfing and Bodyboarding game developed for Webplayer with Unity 3D
Keywords : Physics, Optimization, C#, Unity 3D, Project Management


A PSP version of Gimme Friction Babe
Keywords : PSP, SDL, C++, Physics

YouRiding Winter iOS Proto

A prototype of YouRiding Winter on iOS
Keywords : iOS, Objective-C, Rendering


YouRiding Winter I

3D Freeskiing and snowboarding game developed in ActionScript 3 with Adobe Flash CS3
Keywords : Physics, AS3, Rendering



A flash version of Game & Watch game DK Junior
Keywords : ActionScript 3, Flash


2D Rugby Game
Keywords : C++, SDL, Artificial Intelligence

(740) 359-6563 (803) 779-7479

SameGame developed in ADA with Adagraph and on PSP
Keywords : ADA, Adagraph, PSP, SDL, C++

Naval War ADA & Visual Basic

My first game ever, first in ADA (linux console) then in Visual Basic
Keywords : ADA, Visual Basic, Rookie